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What happens after a contractor submits a timesheet

What happens after a contractor submits a timesheet?

When a contractor submits a timesheet the following happens:

  1. The primary authoriser (normally the contractor’s line-manager) is sent an automated email immediately. Assuming that you’ve set up your branding (learn more about branding here) then the email that they receive will have your colours and logo on it.
  2. The authoriser will be presented with the option to authorise that timesheet and when they click the button, they are taken straight to the Timesheet Detail page where they can see the start and end times for each day of the submission period. They can either authorise or reject the timesheet on the detail page or they can go up a level and see all timesheets on the summary view where they can authorise the timesheets with one click each.
  3. Upon accepting or rejecting the timesheet, the contractor is then sent an email to let them know that this has been done.

Note: both the authoriser and the contractor have the option to turn off these notifications.