Caching is here

January 4, 2019
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Caching is here!

It’s been a couple of months since we last did a release because we’re working on a really nice new feature which is almost ready but in the meantime, we spotted a potential problem due to the amount of data that is going into the system for some of our larger agencies.

The load time for viewing timesheets was becoming unacceptably slow so what we’ve done is added in caching.

What is caching

In this context, we’ve add in a caching layer to the backend API. This ensures that we keep common requests in the memory of the local machine, avoiding multiple hits to the database for the same information.

The advantage is that keeping the information in memory is orders of magnitude faster that constantly hitting the database for the same data. We calculated that the system is now 38 times faster!

What’s next for speeding up the system

This is a huge solution for an issue that we knew was coming so it’s a great start but once we’ve got the next few features released and have done some more UX and UI work, this will be next on the hit list. It should be a more than acceptable solution for the foreseeable.