Multiple Agencies

Own more than one agency?
No problem!

It's quite normal for an agency to run under multiple brands. You may have a group under which you have an IT arm and you call that Acme IT and you also run an engineering arm, lets call that Acme Engineering. You probably wouldnt want the contractors or clients from one seeing the other as it would cause confusion. You probably also dont want to have multiple login information. SaveTrees has been built with this in mind from the very beginning and handles it beutifully eligantly.

Branded agency login pages

Dependent views

If you have a separate website for each agency then you will be able to have seperate branded login pages to compliment this. For more information on this, visit the agency branding feature page.

Swapping between recruitment agencies

Single log in

Log in to your dashboard once and switch between agencies in a single click. It keeps everything separated, clean and clear.

Separate URLs for each recruitment agency

Different URLs and log in pages

You’ll be given separate URLs for each agency so that your contractors and clients only see the branding of the agency that they belong to.