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for Recruitment Agencies

Man with computer on timesheet summary

SaveTrees lets you set up a timesheet portal for your recruitment agency in minutes.
Clients and contractors understand how to use it instantly and it’s branded to look like it’s your own.

Take a sneak peek

In this video, you'll get a good feel of the system and see some of the key areas that will be of interest such as adding a contractor, what it's like for the contractor to sign up and submit their first timesheet and what that timesheet looks like, and we'll quickly look at the recruitment agency branding too.

Like what you see?

If it's looking good so far and you would like to see the system with your own logos, colours and timesheet setup,
then book a demo below and we'll get it set up and answer any questions as we go.

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"Took less than 5 minutes to set up and get going with a nice branded look & feel for our company"

Pav Kudlac
Ovyo Tech Services

"We trialled multiple online timesheet portals and SaveTrees was by far the most user friendly"

Hayley Brooke
MacKenzie King

"We have found the system very easy to use for both our contractors and clients"

Daniel Cooke
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Reduce agency admin

⚡Fast and powerful timesheets to reduce recruitment agency admin

Built with speed, ease of use and efficiency in mind, clients and contractors can submit and authorise timesheets remotely and quickly.

You as the recruiter, can setup a contractor and line manager in seconds and view in real time, the status of all of your timesheets. 

With next level agency branding

Much more than just a badge on a login page


Rocket recruitment braded dashboard

Login page

Rocket recruitment braded sign in page

Email notifications

Rocket recruitment braded email notifications


Rocket recruitment braded PDF timesheets

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Why choose SaveTrees?

Out-of-the-box solution

Within minutes you can be up and running, branded and sending out invites to your clients and temps

Branded for your business

Industry leading branding gives you the ability to brand the login pages, dashboard, emails and PDF's

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. No contracts, no signup fees, no monthly minimums.

Find out more about pricing here.


We're also climate positive - So you are too

1 Recruitment Agency = At least 1 New Tree
Every. Single. Month.

By taking your timesheets online, you're not only saving trees from being cut down but with SaveTrees, you'll be helping to plant more.

From November 2020, we have been planting a tree for every active agency on our books for every month they have been with us and the more contractors that are submitting timesheets, the more trees get planted.

Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees by 2030

What the experts think

Sorella Logo

"SaveTrees Online Timesheets is a contract Recruiters dream!

It is extremely simple and easy to use, fast and responsive and an innovative system saving Recruiters time & making life easier for both contractors and clients.

Excellent value for money and I would highly recommend."

Gemma Clohessy
Gemma Clohessy - Co–Founder at Sorella International Rec2Rec, Relocating Recruiters globally

"I recently had a great demo of SaveTrees Online timesheets. This is a great addition for any recruitment agency who wants a slick, professional and modern timesheet system.

If you want to increase efficiency, it's very well priced and I have to say that SaveTrees Online timesheets is a no-brainer."

Francis West

Francis West - CEO of Westtek - Providers of IT Support to the recruitment industry

Compare Recruitment Factoring Logo

"Technology has moved quickly with regards to timesheets in the recruitment world. SaveTrees recently took the time to show me around their online timesheet portal.

It looks really fresh and modern in addition to being super easy to use and navigate for Recruitment Businesses, End Clients and Contractors."

Simon Jay
Simon Jay - Director of CRF - Helping Recruitment Businesses Save Money on Invoice Discounting + Payroll Back Office Funding for Free
Solvaa Logo

"The SaveTrees team gave me a comprehensive demo of their online timesheet tool.

It is simple, versatile and extremely user friendly.

Contractors required to submit timesheets will pick it up in no time at all and it will make managing timesheets overall a breeze for any recruitment agency. "

Kelly Goss

Kelly Goss - Founder of Solvaa - Helping SMEs optimise productivity with automation

How it works

1. Submit

Day rate timesheet input screenshot

Contractors submit their timesheets

Set up contractors on either day rate (pictured) or hourly rate timesheets depending on your need for each contract and contractor.

The contractors and temps then fill in the timesheets and click 'Send for authorisation'. It's as easy as that.

2. Authorise

Timesheet authorisation

Line managers accept or reject the timesheet

As soon as the timesheet is submitted, the primary authoriser or line-manager is notified (you can have multiple authorisers).

They are given a link which takes them straight to the timesheet where they can accept single or multiple timesheets at once without even being at the office or on site.

3. Notify

Email notification to line-manager

Notifications & reporting

As soon as a timesheet is authorised, the contractor receives a notification and so does your nominated payroll address.

You can also log in and download spreadsheets in various formats to upload to whatever payroll or bookkeeping system you use.

Note: all emails are branded to the look of your agency

Product roadmap

Ready to see it in action?

Onboarding pages

Featured image for “How to sign up as an authoriser”

Featured image for “How to sign up as a worker”

Featured image for “Onboarding”