Online Timesheets

for Recruitment Agencies

Online Timesheets

for Recruitment Agencies

SaveTrees lets you set up a timesheet system for your recruitment agency in just minutes.

Clients and contractors understand how to use it instantly and it’s branded to look like it’s your own.

🌳 Planting at least one tree per month for every agency using the system 🌳
and always free for registered charities

Make the system unique to your agency with cutting edge branding

Proud of the branding of your agency?

You should be. That's why SaveTrees makes your brand front and centre of the system.

And with SaveTrees, you don't just get a little square logo on your login page, you get:

An entire login page

Every page of the dashboard

PDF timesheets


Save hours with timesheet reminders

Chasing unsubmitted and unauthorised timesheets made easy with timesheet reminders

Previously, to work out who hasn't submitted a timesheet, you need to know who was working for you last week/month, who has submitted timesheets and then you can work out who has not submitted their timesheets. 

With SaveTrees, you just see it straight away and you can remind people on an individual basis or remind everyone with one click. Easy!

Timesheet reminders page gif

Packed with features to make your job easier

Multiple agencies 

Timesheet warnings

Timesheets to Payroll

Contextual data

Multiple admin levels

Audit trails


Night shifts

Document uploads


Agency terminology

Multiple agencies

If you run a group of agencies, you can sign up and apply different branding to each and then login once and jump between your agencies with just one click.

If you invite users to one, that's the only one that they will see.

More on multiple admin levels
Swapping between recruitment agencies

Stop duplicate timesheets

If a worker tries to enter a second timesheet for the same date on the same contract, the system prevents submission with a warning.

This stops errors at source- so you don't waste time chasing simple user mistakes.

More on timesheet warnings
Duplicate timesheet warning

Timesheets to Payroll

Have timesheet PDFs automatically sent to your payroll department, umbrella companies, your clients finance team or whoever suits. Chose this at an agency or client level

More on timesheets to payroll
PDF to payroll dept. settings

Contextual data

See all data from all angles.

Timesheets, users, workers, clients etc. can all be looked at from their own pages and so you can see the context of each and what relates to them. 

More on contextual data
User contextual data

Multiple admin levels

Add as many admins for your agency as you need. Only super admins can add and remove other admins and if a super admin disables an admin, even while they're using the system, they will instantly be kicked out and that role will be removed.

More on multiple admin levels
Admin and super admin permissions

Timesheet audit trails

At the bottom of every timesheet and on the downloaded PDF is a timeline of its journey so you can easily see who did what and when.

More on audit trails
Timesheet audit trail


Track what you're paying workers and charging clients with ease. The system then works out totals and you can easily pull this out and put it straight into your invoice/bookkeeping system.

More on financials
Add user slideout with open financials

Night shifts

If you allow them to do so, then your workers can submit for hours that pass through midnight and this will be highlighted.

More on night shifts
Nightshift on time entry

Document uploads

Upload documents and photos with timesheets.

(coming soon)

Document uploads screenshot

Agency terminology

What do you call your workers? Temps, Contractors, Candidates?

With SaveTrees, you can change this once and it changes everywhere for you, them and the timesheet authorisers.

More on agency terminology
Terminology setting

Join the growing community of recruiters

"Took less than 5 minutes to set up and get going with a nice branded look & feel for our company"

Pav Kudlac
Ovyo Tech Services

"We trialled multiple online timesheet portals and SaveTrees was by far the most user friendly"

Hayley Brooke
MacKenzie King

"We have found the system very easy to use for both our contractors and clients"

Daniel Cooke
Additional Resources
Tarrant Howl
Betty Recruitment
Summer-Browning Associates Ltd
CloudScope Strategic Hiring
Buckingham Futures
Pioneer Search
MacKenzieKing Recruitment
Amazing prospects
Two Revers Recruitment

Need help? No problem

We believe that a good timesheet system should be intuitive and reliable enough that you rarely need help and so we put our money where our mouths are and so SaveTrees help is completely FREE.

You can even call us and speak to, you know, real humans. Or you can raise a ticket, whichever you prefer.



By taking your timesheets online, you're not only saving trees from being cut down but with SaveTrees, you'll be helping to plant more.

From November 2020, we have been planting at least one tree for every active agency on our books, for every month they have been with us. 


To help get funding and grants, charities find it useful to be able to demonstrate what their workers and volunteers are doing for the donations given. 

With this in mind, we give the system to these charities at zero cost.

🌳 Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees by 2030 🌳

Onboarding pages

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