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Contractors can submit their timesheets in a matter of seconds.

No contract tie-ins

Don't sign a lengthy contract for a timesheet system! This is 2020.

You are only charged for what you use and when you use it. If a timesheet portal is worth its salt, you will stay with it because it does what you need - not because you are contractually obliged.

We believe in our product. We think you will too.

Get up and running in minutes

SaveTrees Online Timesheets is an out of the box timesheet portal and as such, is ready to go in minutes fully branded to the look of your agency.

Adding your first client and candidate is easy but if you want any help, we're just a phone call away and we don't charge for agency support or setup.

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White labelled

Make the system your own without the cost of building one from scratch. The login page, dashboard, PDFs and emails are all branded with the logos, icons and colours of your agency. Even the favicon in the browser tab is yours!

Give continuity between your website and your back office timesheet system.

Eliminate errors

From temps submitting timesheets to clients approving them along with agency processing, taking your timesheets online helps prevent errors before they happen.

Sophisticated checks unobtrusively highlight potential issues in timesheet entry and every timesheet has an audit trail to keep your data clean and accurate.

Reduce admin costs

Whether you use paper timesheets, have candidates send them in via email or however else, the chances are that it's not as efficient as it could be. It takes time to consolidate, calculate and chase.

We save that time, which frees up your staff to generate new revenue.

Help prevent timesheet fraud

Timesheet fraud may be rare but when it happens it can cost thousands if you get just one rogue contractor. Even the additional admin caused by genuine mistakes is a cost we can help minimise.

The SaveTrees timesheet portal system only allows temps to submit for days that they are on a contract and you see every step of the process.

We keep you in control.

Speed things up

By using a timesheet portal, submitting a timesheet can be done in seconds.

Authorisation for your clients is even faster and easier.

The SaveTrees system has powerful options- but we keep these out of the way, so users only see what they need.

We strive to ensure every interaction is simple and easy.

UK based

We're based right here in the UK, whilst serving an international market, so you're helping support British business.

All our services and data are located in data-centres within the UK, so we comply with data protection regulations, both for now and the future.

Reduce waste

We're called SaveTrees for a reason.

By taking your timesheets online you are not only saving money, but are also reducing paper wastage and, with our PDF downloads, you can simply store them digitally so that your new timesheet solution doesn't use one piece of paper.

All businesses need to consider their external costs ever more carefully and SaveTrees reduces your impact on the environment.

What people are saying…

Expert testimonial

Sorella logo

"SaveTrees Online Timesheets is a contract Recruiters dream!

It is extremely simple and easy to use, fast and responsive and an innovative system saving Recruiters time & making life easier for both contractors and clients.

Excellent value for money and I would highly recommend."

Gemma Clohessy - Co–Founder at Sorella International Rec2Rec, Relocating Recruiters globally

Expert testimonial

Westtek Logo

"I recently had a great demo of SaveTrees Online timesheets. This is a great addition for any recruitment agency who wants a slick, professional and modern timesheet system.

If you want to increase efficiency, it's very well priced and I have to say that SaveTrees Online timesheets is a no-brainer."


Francis West - CEO of Westtek - Providers of IT Support to the recruitment industry

Expert testimonial

Solvaa Logo

"The SaveTrees team gave me a comprehensive demo of their online timesheet tool.

It is simple, versatile and extremely user friendly.

Contractors required to submit timesheets will pick it up in no time at all and it will make managing timesheets overall a breeze for any recruitment agency. "

Kelly Goss from Solvaa

Kelly Goss - Founder of Solvaa - Helping SMEs optimise productivity with automation

Client testimonial


"We trialled multiple online timesheet portals and SaveTrees was by far the most user friendly.

We have had very good feedback from both contractors and clients and have made a smooth transition from paper to online timesheets.

I cannot emphasise enough how open to suggestions and feedback the SaveTrees team are. I needed a holiday button to be added to the timesheets page, this was added immediately. I also requested that we had an option of having multiple authorisers per contractor, this was added in the last update and is brilliant!"

Client testimonial

Gerrard White

“As a medium sized Recruitment Consultancy, we have been building our contractor desk and needed to introduce an easy to use electronic timesheet system very quickly.

We came across SaveTrees, their website was simple, made sense and seemed to cover what we required. After an email and phone call we were ready to set ourselves up and start using the system. We had a couple of teething issues at the beginning, mainly down to us but the SaveTrees team were quick and helpful to rectify these.

We wanted an easy to use system, monthly reports, able to use our brand and no large set up costs – Save Trees answered all this for us.

We would definitely recommend”

Client testimonial

Summer-Browning Associates Logo

“We are a small consulting and resourcing company that needed a simple and effective timesheet system. Thankfully after trialling a couple of systems we found SaveTrees which is a cost effective, professional and extremely user friendly timesheet system.

The team at SaveTrees also run system changes by us before implementation and additionally take feedback and implement client requests.

We are extremely happy as are our consultants that use the system.”

Client testimonial

Additional Recources recruitment agency logo

“We have found the system very easy to use for both our contractors and clients. The set up process was straightforward and fast. We find the interface user friendly and like the way we can use our own company branding. The technical support from SaveTrees has also been very good.

Would definitely recommend to other agencies.”

How it works


Delta Partners timesheets day rate timesheet input

Daily and hourly Inputs

Set up contractors on hourly and day rate timesheets depending on your need for each contract.


Comments & reasons for timesheet rejection

All users associated to the timesheet can add comments and if the line-manager wants to reject it, they are asked to give a reason.

Timesheet comments screenshot


Timesheet detail audit trail screenshot

Audit trail

Full audit trail viewable to all users linked with the timesheet. Complete with User, Date and IP address stamps.


Timesheet notifications

The second a timesheet is submitted, the primary line-manager is notified.

When the timesheet is authorised or rejected, the contractor is notified.

iPhone timesheet notification screenshot

Super Fast Setup

Set up is simple so we can get you live in  minutes, and given the intuitive nature of the system, training you up can be done in less than 15 minutes via a phone call.

When you request a demo, the calendar is set up to give us 4 hours grace in order to set up for you but if you are in a particular rush then give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most popular questions but we appreciate that every agency is different so you probably have your own. Just give James a call and we will be happy to answer anything that isn’t covered on 0117 442 0201