Audit Trails

View a timeline of what is said and done by anyone associated with a timesheet with Time/Date and IP stamps.
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Personalise the log in page, dashboard and emails with your agency logos and brand colours to seamlessly join the system to your front end website.
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Accepted timesheets to payroll

Set an automated email to go to your payroll or finance department so that every time a timesheet is accepted, they will instantly receive a PDF for processing.
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Multiple Agencies

Run more than one agency or have an agency with mutiple brands? No problem, control them all from within one dashboard and give them each their own look and feel.
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Multiple Authorisers

What if your contractors’ line manager is on holiday and can’t sign off a timesheet? No problem, add a second, third or how ever many you want.
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Timesheet Warnings

Prevent errors before they happen with bank holiday warnings and plenty more useful prompts coming soon.
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Automated emails

The system notifies both authorisers and contractors when the state of a timesheet has changed.
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Multiple Agency Administrators

If you have a large agency and need lots of admins, you can add as many as you need and quickly.
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