Turning timesheets into trees

What is your recruitment agency doing for the environment and the community?

When a recruitment agency chooses SaveTrees as its system for online timesheets, it is also choosing a company who gives back. We do this in two ways. Firstly through planting trees and secondly, by providing the system for free to registered charities. 

Planting trees

To offset carbon emissions, we currently use Ecologi as this gives us (and you) transparent insights into where the money is going.

For example, we know exactly:

  • Where the trees are planted.
  • When they were planted.
  • Which tree project they were planted with.

As well as the trees being planted, these projects help local communities by providing jobs, which in turn reduces hunger, poverty and improves health.

Click here to view our forest

Charity usage

Non-profit budgets are always very limited so we offer the SaveTrees system for free to registered charities.

By providing timesheets specifically to this sector, obtaining funding and grants is made easier as they are able to give solid evidence of what their workers and volunteers have done. 

Have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us on 0117 442 0201 or shoot us an email to hello@savetrees.co.uk