Release 2.14.0 🧠 Intelligent contractor onboarding

June 2, 2021
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Release 2.14
🧠 Intelligent contractor onboarding

Intelligent authoriser selection

Release notes

  • Intelligent contractor onboarding
  • Slideout UI improvements
  • Better dropdowns and ‘add new user’ option
  • Administrator quick action to send password resets
  • Link expiration extension

Intelligent contractor onboarding

Now, when you add a new contractor, the system will predict the authoriser that it expects you will want. If it’s not the right one, then the dropdown will now show you the most relevant authorisers with a weighting given to other authorisers within the same contract and then authorisers for that client.

Intelligent authoriser selection

Slideout UI improvements

All slideouts have had a revamp and now look even slicker. We’re particularly pleased with the improvements in looks and usability to the ‘Add new contractor’ slideout as this now contains an extra field for multiple authorisers (you can add as many as you like from that one view) and the whole format is very uniform and walks you through the process of adding a contractor.

Add contractor full screen

Better dropdowns and ‘add new user’ option

We put some thought into how we could improve the usability of the dropdowns and decided that the ability to group users depending on the context would add a lot of value. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a component that did this- so we wrote our own!

Now, for example, authorisers are grouped into those on the same contract, other authorisers for the same client, any other authorisers in the system and then, finally all other users. This makes it easier for you to find and select the most appropriate user, as well as enabling the system to apply heuristics to work out the best defaults to save you time.

We have removed the "+" symbol next to the dropdowns, as this is now covered within the dropdown with "Add new user...".

This means that the system is just that little bit nicer to use and ‘feels’ much better.

Add new user from dropdown

Admin quick action to send password resets

Where an account has been verified, an administrator can now send a password reset email to users easily from the dashboard. For users not yet verified a new verification email can be sent instead.

Admin quick action to send password resets

Link expiration extension

You may have noticed that the emails to people inviting them to make accounts expire after 24 hours. The decision to keep this so short is a balance between the strongest possible security and usability for people who often aren't that comfortable with technology. However, recently many new users are leaving their signup completion beyond the 24 hour period and this is causing confusion for some people. Therefore, we've decided that the balance was too much towards security and we've extended the expiration time to 7 days.

Minor UI/UX improvements

Separate default options so being enabled operates independently of the values once enabled

The presentation of options which have a default has been altered so that the choices are split into two. Firstly, the user can select whether the default option is enabled (i.e. whether a default value is applied) and then, if enabled, what the value of the default should be.

Additionally, when the default is set to "no", the available options are automatically hidden.
This should clarify the intent of default options.

Bug fixes

  • When adding an authoriser after creating a contractor, setting the authoriser as primary now works
  • The colour palette picker in the agency branding setting is placed more sensibly and consistently across browsers
  • Added border to slideout header/footer to ensure there's a visual break when branding colours happen to merge
  • Fixed client email setting to allow email addresses to be a mixture of letter case
  • Updated "Authoriser" to "Authorised by" on timesheets summary page to make the intent clearer
  • Fixed incorrect slideout width when turning on holiday option on hourly timesheet entry
  • Fixed typo in text version of some emails
  • Make radiusing on hover of cancel button consistent with other buttons
  • Fixed missing spacing around roles tiles on IE10/IE11
  • Now shows the correct error message when a timesheet is added with a nightshift and nightshifts are not permitted on the contract
  • Rework "network loss" layout to prevent minor colour differentiation when offline or attempting reconnect
  • Corrected whether an error message is shown for required text fields during editing
  • Fixed summary filters which didn't behave as expected

What's coming next?

  • Custom fields
  • Reports
  • Timesheet rejection editing improvements
  • Archiving