Release 2.16.0 πŸ”„ Timesheet duplication

March 22, 2022
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Release 2.16
πŸ”„ Timesheet duplication

Intelligent authoriser selection

Timesheet duplication

Contractors and admins can now 'duplicate' timesheets. Simply hover over a weekly timesheet and hit the 'duplicate' icon. Select the date and the days will be filled out in the same way as the original timesheet and you can make any amendments before then making the submission.

Duplicate timesheet

Contractor auto-archiving on contracts

Now, when you go to a contract for any of your clients, if you only want to see the contractors who are active, simply hit the 'Show active contractors only'. By default, this will still show all contractors unless clicked.

Show active contractors only

Mixed holiday and billable on days

If a contractor has worked a half day and had half a day as holiday, they can now select this and the system automatically prevents them from submitting more than 1 total day for both.

Split holiday and billable on days

Reason for rejections in emails

When a timesheet is rejected, the reason for the rejection is now included in the email that goes out to the contractor.
Rejected timesheet email

Reply email address change

When users respond to an email notification from the system via your agency, it will go to '' by default. With this change, if you update the reply address as below, any replies will go directly to you instead.

To update this, on your admin role, go to Settings > Email settings and fill in the 'Where should user email replies go?' box

Email reply setting

Please click here to learn how to set a reply email address for notifications.

New help website

The help website has been upgraded to improve its look and the navigation for recruiters, contractors and clients/authorisers. To take a look, head to
help website screenshot

Small changes

  • PDFs now show notes with multiple lines so that the long lines wrap to a new line.
  • Submission notes added to Excel downloads - Now, when you click 'Download as Excel' or 'Download as CSV', you will see that the note added to the actual timesheet when it was submitted, is in its own column on the spreadsheet.
  • Client and contract references added to Excel downloads - Now, when you click 'Download as Excel' or 'Download as CSV', you will see the client reference and contract reference for each timesheet (if set).

UX changes

From the timesheet, if you click on the contractor's name, it will now take you to the contractor detail page.

UI changes

Collapsible accordions have been added into more slideouts to reduce the number of fields shown and summarise the information from these fields.

This has been done to clean things up and only show you essential information whilst still giving the ability to view, change and add information when required.

Add contractor slideout - collapsed details

Background app improvements

Further development time has been put into new versions of the views which will mean quicker and more flexible options for future releases, more automated tests which will highlight bugs pre-release and opening up the API ready for integrations.

The speed of the system has been improved which will make a noticeable difference, especially to recruiters with larger numbers of contractors and timesheets

Bug fixes

  • We have made some changes since the intelligent contractor onboarding release to make the authoriser field blank when you have never added anyone as an authoriser, this is to prevent confusion for new agencies as the system was making a best-guess with only a few users available.