What a great first full month!

September 1, 2018
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What a great first full month!

It’s been our first full month in live operation and we couldn’t be happier.

Agencies and System Users

In terms of users, we have:

  • Alpha Testers

Got our Alpha testers up and running without any hitches.

  • Beta Testing

We’ve officially moved into the beta stage. This means that the system is now open to more agencies and there’s the added perk of an ongoing 50% early adopters discount if you get contractors onto the system in the next few months. If you’d like to be part of this, send us an email by clicking here.


In terms of functionality and system improvements, we have:

  • Slideouts

Instead of modals in the middle of the screen, when you go to add anything new such as contractors, authorisers etc., rather than seeing the modal which we felt was a little old-fashioned, a modern looking slideout appears from the right, this not only looks great but has paved the way for something really useful which we’ll be adding soon… watch this space…

  • Adding contractors, clients etc. on the fly

Previously, you had to follow a certain process to set up contractors, authorisers, and contractors. Now it doesn’t matter where you start from. This makes things a lot more intuitive and makes for a much easier user journey and reduces the number of clicks. Nobody enjoys clicking!

  • Holidays

Thanks to a request from one of our alpha testers, we have added the functionality for a temp/contractor to request a holiday instead of payment of hours or days.

  • Help, we’ve got videos!

We’ve added a whole ‘Help’ section to our main site which is broken down into three main areas ‘Help for Contractors’, ‘Help for Authorisers’ and ‘Help for Agencies’. Each have videos that help guide the user through any part of the system. If there’s anything that can’t be found, just send a request to help@savetrees.co.uk and we’ll get a new video and explanation up ASAP. Visit savetrees.co.uk/help to take a look!