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How to sign up as an authoriser

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How to sign up as an authoriserIn this article, we cover: Email invite and signup Accepting/Rejecting timesheets Timesheet detail Changing filters What if you need further help? Resetting your password Signing up via Email Remember to wait for an email invite from your system admin (employer, recruitment agency etc.). When you receive this, just follow the link. Enter a password …

Request a password reset email

How do I reset my password?

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If you forget your password and remember your email address, follow the steps below. If you have forgotten your password and your email address, speak to your agency and ask them which email address they have associated with you on the system.Quick fix instructionsEither go to the timesheet login page for your agency (this will normally be on their website) …

Download a timesheet as a PDF

How do I save a timesheet as a PDF?

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Downloading a timesheet as a PDFFrom the timesheet detail page you can download a PDF of your timesheet. To do this: Go to Timesheets (in the left hand menu) and then select the timesheet you want to view the detail for by clicking on it. Once you’re there, you should see “Timesheet detail” in the top centre of the page. …

Multiple timesheets to authorise

How to authorise or reject a timesheet entry

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Authorising and rejecting timesheetsTo authorise timesheets for your contractors and temps, carry out the following: Go to your agency Login page or click here and Login. You should be taken straight to the timesheet page but if you have more than one roll then you will see the Roles page, from here, select the agency that you would like to …

Login page

How to log in as an Authoriser

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Logging in as a timesheet authoriserGo to your agencies login page. This can normally be found at or is normally linked from their website or, you will have received an email through the SaveTrees system when they added you to the system. If you haven’t received this, that may be why you cant gain access to this part of …