How to add or edit multiple authorisers

September 10, 2019
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This article will show you how to add or change primary and non-primary authorisers after the contractor has already been added to the contract.

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Primary authorisers. These users receive notifications when the contractors that they are marked as 'Primary' for, submit a timesheet.

Non-primary authorisers. These aren't explicitly selected, they are simply not the primary authorisers. These users can still see the timesheets and authorise them, they just don't receive notifications.

Contract detail. This is the page that contains all the details for entities relating to that contract including contractors, authorisers and timesheets.

Contractor detail. This is the page that contains all details for entities relating to that contractor with relation to that contract.

Adding new authorisers

1. Navigate to your 'Contracts' page.

Select Contracts page from Roles page

2. Navigate to the 'Contract detail' page by clicking on the row of the contract.

Select the contract

3. Select the contractor for whom you would like to edit.

Select the contractor

4. Now you are on the Contractor detail page, under the Authorisers tab, select 'Add authoriser'.

Select Add authoriser

5. Select the authoriser by either choosing an existing user that is already on the system or add a new on one the fly.

Select an existing user:

Select existing user

Add a new user:

Add a new user

6. Once you have the correct user selected in the dropdown box:

  • Choose whether you would like them to be a primary or non-primary authoriser.
  • Add a reference, if you like  (this is optional).
  • Click Invite user. This will send them an email inviting them to start authorising timesheets for that contractor.
Select Primary choice and add a reference if required and hit Invite user

7. The 'Contractor detail' page will now reflect your changes.

New authoriser is added to the list

Editing existing authorisers

7. If the authoriser is already assigned to the contractor but you would like to make them the Primary authoriser, simply hover over the authorisers row on the Contractor detail page (route explained above) and click on the trophy icon. 

Change existing authorisers