Screenshot for adding a user

How to add a new user

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How to add a new userHow to add a new user Navigate to the ‘Users’ page Click on the ‘Add user’ button at the top right Fill in the details (only a full name and email address are required). Click ‘add user’ Please note that this only adds the person to the system, they do not receive an invite at …

Worker detail page

What each user can see

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Who can see what on the system?Depending on your role, you will have permission to see different information. All of this is explained below.ClientsClient list Area Field Admin Worker* Authoriser List Name Shown Shown N/A^ List Telephone Shown Hidden N/A^ List Timesheet email Shown Hidden N/A^ List Reference Shown Hidden N/A^ ^ Page not shown * May have a different …

Edit recruitment agency name

Edit agency name

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IntroductionWhether you have gone through a rebrand or you have taken over an agency and you’re absorbing the workers into your company and are taking on the SaveTrees timesheet system, you may find that you need to change the name of the agency on the system. Editing your agencies nameFirst off, head over to Settings > Agency settings and look for …

User editing - edit mode for verified user

Edit user details

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IntroductionThis article will help explain how you can edit user details in case they have been entered incorrectly or change.Editing a userIf you would like to change the details for a user, head over to the Users page and click on the user you would like to edit.  Within the User detail page, you can hover over the box on …

Terminology setting

Change the word Contractors to Temps, Workers etc.

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IntroductionWhat do you call a contractor- a temp, a candidate, a worker? Whatever you call them, you’re no longer restricted to calling them a ‘Contractor’ on the SaveTrees system.SetupIf you would like to change this for your agency, head over to: Settings > Agency settings > UI customisations and fill in both the singular and plural versions of whatever terminology …

Email reply setting

Set a reply email address for notifications

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IntroductionWhen the system sends an email out, every now and then, people will respond to it. If you set up an email address in this setting box, it will send the response to this address.SetupTo set up your response address, just head to your agency Settings > Email settings. In the box titled ‘Where should user email replies go?’ toggle …

Add client slide out

How to add a new client

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IntroductionThere are various areas where you may want to add a new client but this is most commonly done from the ‘Clients’ page or when you’re building a new contract. Either way, when you click ‘Add client’ a slideout will appear.Client detailsPlease remember that the client is the business you are dealing with, not a person within that business- they …

Contractor detail page

How to add a contractor

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IntorductionTo add a contractor they must first be assigned to a contract as contracts tie together the clients and contractors. You have the option to either add multiple contractors to each contract in cases where you have several staff doing the same job and report to the same person, or you can make a new contract for each contractor you …

How to delete a timesheet (from Timesheet detail page)

How to delete timesheets from the admin role

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IntroductionYou may find that on occasion, you want to delete a timesheet. This should really only be done if mistakes have been made by both the contractor and client because when you do this, it removes the timesheet along with its audit trail by you (the agency admin), the contractor and the client. If you are still happy to delete …