Capture financials for time worked

November 16, 2022
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This article will help explain how you can add financial information for new and existing workers on a per day or per hour basis. 

Financials on candidate detail - edit mode


To activate the financials settings:

1. Go to Settings > Financial settings

Financial settings tile

2. Toggle the switch to 'Yes'

Financial settings

Updating existing and new workers

  • For help on adding financial data to new workers, please follow the instructions below.
  • For help on adding financial data to existing workers, click here.

Adding financials for new workers

Go to add a new worker (or whatever the term is you've set for your workers) as normal and you will now see the Financial settings section.

In this new section, enter the pay and charge rates.

Carry on adding any additional settings and then click to add them as you would normally.

Add user slideout with open financials

Updating existing workers

Navigate to the workers detail page and you will notice that the Financials box now contains Pay and Charge rates which will be empty.

Hover over this box and click on the edit icon in the top right. 

Enter the pay rate and charge rates.

Click 'Save'.

Financials on candidate detail

Downloading the new financial data

The new financial data will start populating in the downloads once new timesheets have been submitted by the applicable workers. 

Excel download with pay and charge rates


Once these changes are made, the calculations will appear from that moment forward.

If you change the pay rate of a worker after they have submitted hours/days on an older rate, the older rate will still be shown on the download. If you would like to change historical timesheets, you will need to delete and resubmit them.