How to submit a timesheet

September 10, 2019
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Submitting a timesheet

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To submit a timesheet for authorisation:

1. Log in using the email address that you were invited to the system with.

2. Assuming you only have one role, you will be taken straight to the 'Timesheet summary' page (this is in the header). If you are not on this page, select 'Timesheets' on the left-hand menu.

3. Click 'Add timesheet' button in the top right.

4. If you are on multiple contracts with the same agency, select the contract that you would like to submit a timesheet for. If you are only on one contract, this will be pre-selected and there won't be a drop down option.

5. Select the date
If on a weekly contract: the first Monday of the week that you are submitting your timesheet for.
If on a monthly contract: the first day of the month that you are submitting a timesheet for.

6. Adjust the times as necessary.
Note: This is for a day rate contract, you will see a slightly different view if you are paid by the hour.

7. Click 'Add timesheet' button at the bottom right.

Easy as that!