Timesheet reminders

How much time do you spend chasing timesheets?

What does an average Monday look like to you, do you come in to a raft of timesheets knowing that some will be missing but having to go through the ones you do have, to work out which ones you don't have? You then also need to work out which ones haven't been authorised.

With SaveTrees this is all calculated for you instantly.

Reminders screenshot

See which timesheets need to be submitted

Filter by a time that suits you (normally 'last week' or 'last month') and the system will tell you who is within contract and has NOT submitted a timesheet for that week (or month) and which contract and client it was for. 

You're given a name and phone number so you can call them and tell them to follow a link that will be sent to the top of their emails. Then click a button and the email reminder is sent. 

If you prefer, you can simply click 'send reminder to all' and everyone who is late, will be emailed.

Reminders screenshot-timesheet approval list

See which timesheets need to be authorised

See which authorisers (along with their phone numbers) still need to authorise timesheets.

From here, you can call them and give them the heads up that you'll be sending them a reminder. Click the 'send reminder' icon to the right, and a polite reminder will then land at the top of their inbox.


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