Worker detail page

What each user can see

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Who can see what on the system?Depending on your role, you will have permission to see different information. All of this is explained below.ClientsClient list Area Field Admin Worker* Authoriser List Name Shown Shown N/A^ List Telephone Shown Hidden N/A^ List Timesheet email Shown Hidden N/A^ List Reference Shown Hidden N/A^ ^ Page not shown * May have a different …

Edit recruitment agency name

Edit agency name

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IntroductionWhether you have gone through a rebrand or you have taken over an agency and you’re absorbing the workers into your company and are taking on the SaveTrees timesheet system, you may find that you need to change the name of the agency on the system. Editing your agencies nameFirst off, head over to Settings > Agency settings and look for …

User editing - edit mode for verified user

Edit user details

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IntroductionThis article will help explain how you can edit user details in case they have been entered incorrectly or change.Editing a userIf you would like to change the details for a user, head over to the Users page and click on the user you would like to edit.  Within the User detail page, you can hover over the box on …

Terminology setting

Change the word Contractors to Temps, Workers etc.

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IntroductionWhat do you call a contractor- a temp, a candidate, a worker? Whatever you call them, you’re no longer restricted to calling them a ‘Contractor’ on the SaveTrees system.SetupIf you would like to change this for your agency, head over to: Settings > Agency settings > UI customisations and fill in both the singular and plural versions of whatever terminology …

Change defaults for timesheet entries

Change defaults for timesheet entries

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How to change the defaults for timesheet entries If you want contractors to explicitly enter their hours, this post shows you how to change defaults for timesheet entries from the settings section of your agency administration role. To add or remove defaults from your contractors timesheets, carry out the following: Head over to: Settings > Agency defaults > Timesheets. Go to …

Timesheet with start day set to Wednesday

Change timesheet start days

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Agencies, industries and countries don’t always work Monday to Sunday so if you would like timesheets to run on days that are different to this, here is how to change it. Navigate to Settings > Agency defaults > Timesheets From the dropdown, select the day of the week that you would like your timesheets to start from.Once you have done …

Timesheet start and end days

My agency works on a ‘week ending’, not ‘week beginning’ basis, how can I change this?

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Changing timesheets to week beginning/endingThe default for the system when you first join, is to request time entries on a ‘beginning’ basis i.e. week beginning or month beginning. However, we appreciate that this doesn’t work with the processes in place with every agency, so you can change this to a week or month ending instead. To make the change, follow …